Is Your Body, Mind & Spirit Going Through Changes? Some Of Which Are Expainable While Others Leave You Spellbound.

3 Things They Don't Tell You About Menopause

That Will Confirm You Are Not Going Made

Discover What Doctors Don’t Tell You, What You May Struggle To Share With Friends & Family.

So You Can Get On With Your Life & Business - With The Full Knowledge That What You Are Experiencing Is Not All In You Head!

In This 3-Part Video Series, Where I Equip You With Knowledge And Guidance On The Unspoken Topic In Menopause.

Plus, A BONUS Audio: You Can Download To Assist You In Sleep Peacefully. It's Called 'Constellations' For Relaxation, Repair & Rejuvenation.

Breaking The Silence

This Video Series Empowers Women To

Have Those ConversationsWe Feel We Shouldn't Talk About

In this mini-series, I'll share what to look for in the body, mind, and soul. As menopause touches all three sides of us, you no longer fear you are going crazy! Topics are often overlooked because we are too shy to bring them to the dinner table!

Do These Resonate?

  • Do you feel like there's nothing wrong with you? It's them out there!
  • Do you feel isolated, misunderstood & not taken seriously?
  • Are you tried of going to your Doctor and feed up with yet another ailment?
  • Have you lost the joy of things you used to rave about?


Video #1

Addresses The Inner Thoughts You've Been Having Recently, Perhaps Causing You To Feel Like An Emotional Reck; it's Called; Grief.


Video #2

Video 2 Will Give A Voice To That Which Is Too Taboo For Your Friends, Colleagues And Your Family To Talk About;



Video #3

No, You Aren't Going Crazy Or Turning Into A Bitch. You Are Experiencing The Following;

Alchemical Transformation.

What's Next?

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What Others Have Said

About Working With Me

With Knowledge,

You Can Transform

Your Health

The information in this 3-part video series comes from my personal & work experience,

as well as my professional training. All of

which I hope to share with you one day. So

you won't have to figure everything out yourself.

  • 3 Videos
  • 80 minutes of video footage
  • Thought-provoking material for your journal
  • Community


You can consume the content in any location/ environment, as there is an audio version of each video and it's transcript.

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Lesley Agams


Andrene Miller


Pippa Frith


They Say Ignorance Is Bliss,

But It's Not The Case

When It Comes To Menopause.

Especially if your doctor isn't well-versed or you don't have access to the proper medical care. Even so, they know about hormones; not everything is about your biochemistry.

Be wise now, and learn what's what, so you are not caught off guard in peri, meno, and post-menopausing.

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Do The Words "I Can't Sleep" Resonate?

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